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Pse nuk na pëlqen zëri ynë kur e dëgjojmë të regjistruar?


It has happened to everyone. The first time we heard our recorded voice, we didn’t like it. And there is an even scientific explanation for this.

The reason why we do not recognize the sound when we hear it is related to the functions of the ear, on the surface, in the middle and inside it. The middle part is what strengthens and carries the voice in the inner part, which translates it into signals to the brain.

I ngrohti i tepërt në shtëpi ju dëmton shëndetin.


Although we feel happy when we see the snow falling from the window of the warm house, we must be aware that skin care, in these cold days, is significantly different, due to the radiators.

Read below about the damages that come from radiators:

Cracked lips: Due to the warming of the environment in winter, the lips crack more easily, as the air in the room is drier, and the lips have a lack of their own glands.

Therefore, it is not advisable to lick your lips when you think they are dry because they are easier to crack. So buy mild pilling to remove dead skin cells on the edge.

Mbani ankthin larg me këto metoda efikase


Anxiety is a problem that many people face and anxiety manifests itself for various reasons.

Regardless of the causes, those who face stress are looking for methods to relieve the symptoms of stress.

Here are some natural methods that can help you reduce stress.

Tea is a very effective method in treating stress and here we should mention chamomile and green tea as the most effective for treating stress.



EVERYONE'S GEMINI ONLY IRIS IS DIFFERENT. The percentage of twins in the world is growing and it is difficult to recognize them from each other. Even software is difficult to distinguish. Fingerprints are different, but even here the resemblance is very great to monozygotic twins. To always distinguish one twin from another, there are eye iris tests. However, to identify a person on the crime scene, researchers have developed several methods and discovered characteristics that are unique to only one individual, whether twins or not.

Ata që s’kanë besim tek vetja, duhet ta lexojnë këtë!


The power of positivity has never been more important than in today's society. The current state of control that the Internet has brought creates mixed feelings about what we should do, who we should be, and what we should achieve. Sometimes, you can feel lost, not being on the road to becoming the version you envisioned for yourself. We all have the power to control the thoughts that guide our minds - no one can "steal" this power from us.

Çfarë flet për ju stili i përditshëm i flokut?


Our habits speak and reveal many secrets to us. Everyday hair style reveals the bad and good sides of the character. It is the hair that says a lot about their owners

Braids, braids, hair collection, loose hair - connect the style and personality of the woman. Today we reveal to you the secret connection between hair and hair.

1. -You are, as a romantic personality, very open to new knowledge and experiences. It only requires positive side in people, so, unfortunately, you are often disappointed with others. Optimistic at heart and pure positive - this is surely the truth for you.

Këto janë 4 fobitë më të përhapura në botë


The word "phobia" originates from the Greek, phobos which means fear.

Phobia is a psychological condition, a type of anxiety caused by fear of a certain object or situation. People who suffer from phobias get nervous very quickly, have tachycardia (strong and frequent heartbeats), difficulty breathing, and show unreasonable behavior. We invite you to discover four of the biggest phobias of people:

Shtatë miliarderët të cilët bëjnë jetë të “varfër”


An ordinary citizen is considered frugal when he eats at home, reserves free plane tickets, travels frequently or always by public transport, etc., while a wealthy person is considered frugal when dressed in ordinary clothes, travels by car, eats at cheap restaurants, etc.

But are billionaires, the richest people on the planet, frugal and what do they do for a living? You will be surprised, because even among them there are very frugal people, despite the fact that they have wealth that they can not spend even if they lived for hundreds of years. Let's see below who they are and how much their wealth is.

Nje studim per njerëzit që rregullojnë shtratin ne mengjes.


The only bad thing about getting out of bed in the morning is that you have to fix it. However, you may want to start the day that way. Or, even if not, it’s already part of the routine. According to a recent study by, 59 percent of people do not adjust their bed in the morning, while 27 percent do. Of the group of people who fix it, 72 percent are happy people, while 62 percent of the group who don't fix their bed in the morning are not happy people.

Koreja e Jugut zhvillon provimet me shkrim në stadium


South Korea conducts written exams at the stadium

South Korean job seekers have undergone a written exam in a football field to respect distance and avoid Koronavirus.

The testing was conducted to recruit people who will help reduce the spread of coronavirus pandemic, reports

As seen in the picture they have set the tables for the applicants ensuring a safe distance from each other and in an open environment such as the stadium.

South Korea is the country with the best results in tracking, testing and treating pandemics.

It is one of the countries that has achieved success and made possible the "leveling of the curve".

Thanks to strict testing and early implementation of social distancing measures, it has had a minimal number of serious cases.

South Korea has so far recorded 200 deaths from 10,384 cases in total.

The country's Disease Control Centers set up a special department to prepare the country.

The Koreans designed and manufactured the tests, then set up a network of laboratories immediately across the country, which were all functional within 17 days.
Punëkërkuesit e Koresë së Jugut i janë nënshtruar provimit me shkrim në një  fushë futbolli për të respektuar distancën dhe shmangur Koronavirusin.

Testimi është realizuar për të rekrutuar persona të cilët do të ndihmojnë në zvogëlimin e përhapjes së pandemisë së koronavirusit raporton

Sic shihet në foto ata kanë vendosur tavolinat për aplikuesit duke siguruar një distancë të sigurt larg njëra-tjetrës dhe në një ambient të hapur siç është stadiumi.

Koreja e Jugut, është shteti më rezultatet më të mira në gjurmimin, provën dhe trajtimin e pandemisë.

Është ndër vendet që kanë arritur sukses dhe kanë bërë të mundur  “rrafshimin e  kurbës”.

Falë testimit të rreptë dhe zbatimit të hershëm të masave të distancimit shoqëror, ajo ka pasur një numër minimal të rasteve serioze.

Koreja e Jugut ka shënuar  deri ditën e sotme 200 të vdekur nga 10. 384 raste gjithsej.

Qendrat e Kontrollit të Sëmundjeve të vend krijuan një departament të posaçëm për të parapërgatitur vendin.

Koreanët  dizenjuan dhe prodhuan testet, pastaj krijuan një rrjet laboratorësh menjëherë në të gjithë vendin, të cilat ishin të gjitha funksionale brenda 17 ditëve

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Si ta largojmë ankthin dhe depresionin


Thirty minutes of daily meditation will contribute to alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression, the analysis of the results of almost 50 clinical studies has shown.

"Many people practice meditation, but it is not considered medical therapy," says Dr. Madhav Goyal, professor of internal medicine at Johns Hopkins University and lead author of the study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). "Our comparative studies have shown that meditation can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression in the same way that antidepressants work," he said. Goyal, emphasizing that it is about patients suffering from severe forms of depression or

Ja çfarë iu bën mushkërive kanabisi


Because smoking causes cancer, cannabis should also cause it, right? Well you're wrong.

Cannabis lowers the risk of lung cancer. Cannabis does not cause lung disease and is safer than cigarettes.

UCLA professor of medicine and one of the leading pulmonologists in the US who has studied hashish and its effects on the lungs for more than 30 years, Dr. Donald Tashkin had sought to prove that marijuana causes lung cancer, but the evidence forced him to conclude that drinking marijuana does not cause lung cancer.

8 sjellje që ju çojnë drejt një jete të suksesshme


A successful life is not just about making money or gaining fame, and anyone who has embarked on these principles has been overthrown many times, and only a happy life has been achieved.

But there is nothing wrong with loving them, but you should not lose track of them.

The biggest misconception people have about success

When you see someone extremely successful, you see their success in terms of the rewards they receive. You may even believe that they are greedy or selfish. But often times, their wealth and status have come to work with something that has been very important to them.

A e dini pse vendoset patkoi në derë?


Horse horseshoes, blue eyes and even garlic are often seen on the doors of houses

In our culture we encounter all sorts of symbols that hang on the walls or elsewhere with the thought that he / she will protect people from the evils of one of them is the horse horseshoe.

8 thënie të Ellen DeGeneres që inspirojnë botën


Ellen is one of the funniest comedians on the globe, she is the queen of daily television

Her show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" has excited the audience for the last 13 years. She is the winner of 27 Emmy Awards, but she has won many more hearts.

When she's not busy making people laugh, she's a model for the LGBT community, an animal lover and a big charity, writes

Gjërat që duhet të bëni çdo mbrëmje për të qenë të suksesshëm


Forget morning exercises and meditation!

According to experts, in order to succeed in life and to be more successful, happy and healthy, you need to do these five things before going to sleep:

Këto sëmundje mund t’i luftoni duke pirë verë


Wine is one of the oldest and most valuable alcoholic beverages for mankind. Nothing is better than enjoying a glass of wine after a hard day.

This wonderful drink fills the body with positive energy and helps in physical and emotional well-being. Furthermore, it can help boost your immune system and your memory. Here are some reasons why you should drink wine:

11 fakte të jashtëzakonshme rreth lordit të drogës, Pablo Escobar


1. It had tremendous impact.

Escobar was responsible for 80% of the cocaine circulating in the United States.

2. His product weighed heavily

Pablo Escobar's Medellin cartel transported 15 tons of cocaine a day to the United States, roughly the size of two African elephants.

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Ndaloni menjëherë kafshimin e lëkurës rreth thonjve!

Tooth irritation of the skin around the nails is a not uncommon habit, but in addition to the aesthetic side, there is a very strong reason why you should say "Stop" to this habit.

Two in three people suffer from a nerve condition called dermatillomania, which is a skin bite.

There are several reasons that explain this habit.

Some do it unintentionally, some do it because of stress or anxiety, but there are also those who see it as a way to hurt themselves.

However what people do not know is the fact that this action can cause permanent skin damage.

The wounds created by the removal of the skin, expose that area to bacteria.

The condition can be so severe that you may need to see a psychologist.

It's best to give up when you're on time.
Ngacmimi me dhëmbë i lëkurës rreth thonjve është një zakon aspak i rrallë, por përpos anës estetike, ka një arsye shumë të fortë përse duhet t’i thoni “Stop” këtij vesi
Dy në tre njerëz vuajnë nga një një gjendje nervore e quajtur “dermatillomania”, e cila ka të bëjë me kafshimin e lëkurës.

Ka disa arsye që shpjegon këtë zakon.

Disa e bëjnë padashje, disa e bëjnë për shkak të stresit ose ankthit, por ka dhe nga ata që e shohin si një mënyrë për të lënduar veten.
Megjithatë ajo që njerëzit nuk dinë, është fakti që ky veprim mund të shkaktojë dëm të përhershëm të lëkurës.

Plagët që krijohen nga heqja e lëkurës, e ekspozojnë atë zonë ndaj baktereve.

Gjendja mund të përkeqësohet aq shumë, sa do jeni të detyruar t’i drejtoheni një psikologu.

Mirë është të hiqni dorë sa jeni në kohë.

5 vende të botës te cilat nuk lejohen të vizitohen nga asnjë njeri!

It seems that globalization has given everyone the opportunity and money to travel wherever they want.

But there are some places on Earth where no tourist is allowed to set foot. Here are some of the most popular and mysterious places where no one ever goes.

Surtsey Island

In 1963, on the waters of Iceland, a 2.7-square-kilometer island was formed by a submarine volcano. It immediately attracted the attention of scientists from around the world, as an extraordinary example of the formation of an island and the birth of a new life. Since then Surtsey, named after the mythological character Surtr, the god of fire giants, has only served scientific purposes and is considered a no-go area for tourists.

Ilha da Queimada Grande

Ilha da Queimada Grande, located 35 km off the coast of Brazil, looks like a real paradise. But the journey to this place can pay off with life, as it is invaded by venomous snakes; with an area of ​​0.43 square km, this place is populated by 4 thousand snakes. One of the most dangerous is bothrops insularis, or golden snake. That is why the Brazilian authorities forbid anyone to visit this island, which is also called ‘Snake Island’.

North Sentinel Island

One of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal is home to a dangerous Sentinelas native tribe; they avoid any contact with civilization and react harshly to any interference. According to scientists, the aboriginal inhabitants have spent 60,000 years in isolation from the rest of civilization. These people are actively defending their territory. For example, in 2014 they shot an Indian government helicopter, which flew over the island after a tsunami to see if the locals needed help. Their latest victims are some missing fishermen; after their assassination the Indian government asked citizens to stay away from the residents of Sentinel and their land.

Great Ise Temple, Japan

In Japan, one of the most important shrines in the entire country is the Ise Jingu Temple Complex. The main temple is surrounded by a high wooden fence; only high-ranking priests and members of the imperial family are allowed inside. Until 1945 ‘Ise’ was an even more difficult place to reach: the temple was separated from the outside world by the Miyagawa River, which symbolized the border with the ordinary and the sacred. The monks were strictly forbidden to cross the river: it was believed that this would lead to the violation of the sacred sanctity and would cause trouble for all of Japan.

Gruinard Island

In 1942, the British government bought the Scottish island of Gruinard to conduct biological weapons tests, in particular anthrax. During the experiment, it was found that the anthrax had polluted the territory for a long period of time, causing the death of the population in 95% of cases. Until 1980, the island was one of the deadliest places on the planet. Only in 1986 did scientists finally begin the ‘disinfection’ of the ominous island, and it was declared safe in 1990. However, no one settled there anymore. Experts warn that spores Antraksi may still have remained on the island's land, meaning it will not be suitable for living for hundreds of years.

Duket se globalizmi i ka dhënë mundësi kujtdo që ka dëshirë dhe para të udhëtojë ku të dojë.
Por ekzistojnë disa vende në Tokë ku asnjë turist nuk lejohet të vërë këmbë. Ja disa nga vendet më të njohura dhe misterioze ku askush nuk shkon asnjëherë.

Ishulli Surtsey

Në vitin 1963, në ujërat e Islandës, nga shpërthimi i një vullkani nënujor, u formua brenda një kohe shumë të shkurtër një ishull me sipërfaqe 2,7 km katrorë. Menjëherë tërhoqi vëmendjen e shkencëtarëve nga vende të ndryshme të botës, si një shembull i jashtëzakonshëm i formimit të një ishulli dhe lindjes së një jete të re. Që nga ajo kohë Surtsey, i emërtuar sipas personazhit mitologjik Surtr, zoti i gjigantëve të zjarrit, ka shërbyer vetëm për qëllime shkencore dhe konsiderohet një zonë  ndaluar për turistët.

Ilha da Queimada Grande

Ilha da Queimada Grande, që gjendet 35 km nga brigjet e Brazilit, duket si një parajsë e vërtetë. Por udhëtimin në këtë vend mund ta paguash me jetë, pasi është i pushtuar nga gjarpërinj helmues; me një sipërfaqe prej 0.43 km katrorë, ky vend popullohet nga 4 mijë gjarpinj. Një nga më të rrezikshmit është  bothrops insularis, ose gjarpri i artë. Ja pse autoritetet braziliane ndalojnë këdo për të vizituar këtë ishull, që quhet ndryshe edhe ‘Ishulli i gjarpërinjve’.

Ishulli i Sentinelit të Veriut

Një nga ishujt Andaman në Gjirin e Bengalit është shtëpia e një fisi të rrezikshëm të vendasve Sentinelas; ata i shmangen çdo kontakti me civilizimin dhe reagojnë ashpër ndaj çdo ndërhyrjeje. Sipas shkencëtarëve, banorët aborigjenë kanë kaluar 60 mijë vjet në izolim nga pjesa tjetër e qytetërimit. Këta njerëz e mbrojnë territorin e tyre në mënyrë aktive., në 2014 ata qëlluan me shigjta një helikopter të qeverisë indiane, që fluturoi mbi ishull pas një cunami për të parë nëse vendasit kishin nevojë për ndihmë. Viktimat e tyre të fundit janë disa peshkatarë të humbur; pas vrasjes së tyre qeveria indiane u kërkoi qytetarëve të qëndronin larg banorëve të Sentinelit dhe tokës së tyre.

Tempulli i madh Ise, Japoni

Në Japoni, një nga vendet e shenjta më të rëndësishme në të gjithë vendin është kompleksi i tempujve Ise Jingu. Tempulli kryesor është i rrethuar nga një gardh i lartë prej druri; vetëm priftërinjtë e rangut të lartë dhe anëtarët e familjes perandorake lejohen brenda. Deri në vitin 1945 ‘Ise‘ ishte një vend edhe më i vështirë për t’u arritur: tempulli u nda nga bota e jashtme nga lumi Miyagawa, që simbolizonte kufirin me zakonshmes dhe të shenjtës. Murgjit e kishin rreptësishtë të ndaluar të kalonin lumin: besohej se kjo do të çonte në shkeljen e shenjtërisë së shenjtë dhe do të shkaktonte probleme për të gjithë të Japonisë.

Ishulli Gruinard

Në 1942, qeveria britanike bleu ishullin skocez të Gruinard për të realizuar teste të armëve biologjike, në veçanti të antraksit. Gjatë eksperimentit, u konstatua se antraksi kishte ndotur territorin për një periudhë të gjatë kohe, duke shkaktuar vdekjen e popullsisë në 95% të rasteve. Deri në vitin 1980, ishulli ishte një nga vendet më vdekjeprurëse në planet. Vetëm në 1986 shkencëtarët nisën më në fund ‘dezinfektimin’ e ishullin ogurzi, dhe ai u deklarua i sigurt në vitin 1990. Megjithatë, askush nuk u  vendos më aty. Ekspertët paralajmërojnë se spore Antraksi mund të kenë mbetur ende në tokën e ishullit, çka do të thotë se ai nuk do të jetë i përshtatshëm për të jetuar për qindra vjet.

Shenjat që tregojnë se ju nuk do të pasuroheni kurrë

Contrary to popular belief, Steve Siebold says that every person has the opportunity to get rich. But is wealth for you?

To help you evaluate this, here are some "red flags" to look out for. As long as no one can predict the future, the decisions you make may not pave the way for wealth, the Telegraph reports.

These are signs that you may never get rich, so be careful:

* Pay close attention to saving, but not so much to profit.

* You haven't started investing yet.

* You are happy with the salary you have and do nothing to earn more.

* Buy things you can't afford.

* You are following someone's dream - and not yours.

* First spend and then save what is left…

* Still believe that getting rich is something you can't achieve.
Ndryshe nga ato se çfarë thuhen, Steve Siebold thotë se çdo person i ka mundësitë për t’u pasuruar. Por, a është pasuria për ju?

Për t’ju ndihmuar ta vlerësoni këtë, më poshtë i keni të mbledhur disa “flamuj të kuq” nga të cilët duhet të keni kujdes. Përderisa asnjë njeri nuk mund ta parashikoj të ardhmen, vendimet që i merrni mund të mos ua shpejtojnë rrugën drejt pasurisë, transmeton telegrafi.

Këto janë shenjat të cilat tregojnë se asnjëherë mund të mos pasuroheni, prandaj keni kujdes:

* I kushtoni shumë vëmendje kursimit, por jo aq shumë vëmendje fitimit.

* Nuk keni filluar të investoni ende.

* Jeni të kënaqur me rrogën që e keni dhe nuk bëni asgjë për të fituar më shumë.

* Blini gjëra të cilat nuk mund t’i përballoni financiarisht.

* Jeni duke e ndjekur ëndrrën e dikujt – dhe jo tuajën.

* Fillimisht shpenzoni e pastaj i kurseni ato që kanë mbetur…

* Ende besoni se të pasuruarit është diçka të cilën nuk mund ta arrini.

Shenjat që tregojnë se jeni më inteligjentë se të tjerët


Most of you are not aware of your wisdom, so do not use it in the right way. It's time to dump her and move on.

When it comes to intelligence, people immediately think of IQ. Long-term research has found that the IQ is formed in early childhood.

However, this is not the only thing that really determines your wisdom and that affects your success.

Most of you are not aware of how smart you are and often do not use your wisdom in the right way.

Scientific research also reveals some indicators of your intelligence, of which you are certainly not aware.

You are anxious

Many studies have shown that people who are afraid and anxious are often smarter than others, and in fact they perform better on intelligence tests.

You are fun

In a study by the University of New Mexico in the United States, scientists tested the intelligence of 400 students and then told them to create texts for a cartoon. The result was that: the most intelligent participants had written the most humorous texts.

You started reading early

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and King's College London have reviewed data from 2,000 twin couples. The result: The twin who first learned to read would later show better results on intelligence tests.

You are left-handed

While being left-handed was once associated with crime, recent studies link it to a kind of divergent thinking, a form of creativity where one discovers new ideas on the spot. Perhaps this is why the leftists are so present in architecture and music.

You have taken music lessons

A 2004 study found that mental development in six-year-olds who had taken piano lessons for nine months had an increase in intelligence compared to children who had taken acting lessons or had not taken lessons. A 2013 study found that children with the highest achievement were those who had taken music lessons.
Shumica prej jush nuk jeni të vetëdijshëm për mençurinë tuaj, andaj edhe nuk e shfrytëzoni në mënyrën e drejtë. Është koha që të bindeni…
Kur flitet mbi inteligjencën, njerëzve u shkon mendja menjëherë te IQ-ja. Hulumtimet afatgjata kanë konstatuar që koeficienti i inteligjencës formohet në fëmijërinë e hershme.

Megjithatë, kjo nuk është e vetmja gjë e cila vërtet përcakton mençurinë tuaj dhe që ndikon në suksesin tuaj.

Shumica prej jush pikërisht nuk jeni të vetëdijshëm se sa jeni të mençur dhe shpesh mençurinë nuk e përdorni në mënyrën e drejtë.
Hulumtimet shkencore zbulojnë edhe disa tregues të inteligjencës suaj, për të cilën me siguri nuk jeni të vetëdijshëm.

Jeni anksiozë
Shumë kërkime kanë treguar se njerëzit që kanë frikë e shqetësohen, janë shpesh më të zgjuar se të tjerët, e në fakt ata dalin më mirë në testet e inteligjencës.

Jeni argëtues
Në një studim të “University of New Mexico” në SHBA, shkencëtarët i bënë testin e inteligjencës 400 studentëve dhe i thanë atyre më pas të krijonin tekste për një film vizatimor. Rezultati ishte se: pjesëmarrësit më inteligjentë, kishin shkruar tekstet më humoristike.

Herët keni filluar të lexoni
Kërkuesit në Universitetin e Edinburgut në Skoci dhe të “King’s College” në Londër, kanë marrë në shqyrtim të dhënat e 2000 çifteve binjake. Rezultati: Binjaku që kishte mësuar të lexonte i pari, më vonë do të shfaqte rezultate më të mira në testet e inteligjencës.

Jeni mëngjarash
Ndërsa të qenët mëngjarash lidhej dikur me kriminalitetin, studimet e fundit e lidhin atë me një lloj mendimi divergjent, një formë e krijimtarisë ku dikush zbulon ide të reja aty për aty. Ndoshta kjo është arsyeja përse mëngjarashët janë shumë të pranishëm në arkitekturë dhe muzikë.

Keni marrë mësime muzike
Një studim i vitit 2004 zbuloi se zhvillimi mendor te gjashtëvjeçarët që kishin marrë nëntë muaj mësime pianoje, kishte një rritje të inteligjencës krahasuar me fëmijët që kishin marrë leksione aktrimi apo nuk kishin marrë mësime. Një studim i vitit 2013 provoi se fëmijët me arritjet më të larta ishin ata që kishin marrë mësime muzike.

9 vendet më të ftohta në botë, aty ku njeriu mbijeton në -69.8 gradë celcius

Man is capable of living and adapting to different climates to the most extreme, and this fact is evidenced by their survival, which for several thousand years, even in the most extreme climatic conditions that have prevailed and prevail on Earth.

Here are the nine coldest populated places on our planet.

9. Roros, Norway

The mining town of Roros, in Norway, is known for its polar climate and cold winters, where temperatures drop to -50 degrees Celsius. During the winter season, in the villages of this area, such as Karasjok, the constant temperature goes around -40 ° C.

8. Dras, India

India is known as a very hot country with a tropical climate, but the Cargill region, specifically the city of Dras, is an extremely cold country. Due to the altitude and geographical position, during the winter the most ‘mild’ temperature in Dras is -22 degrees Celsius, while the record is -50. C.

7. Lapland, Finland

Lapland is one of the coldest regions in the world. In Kittila, Lapland, in 1999 a temperature of -51.5 degrees Celsius was recorded. In this recreation area live over 6,000 inhabitants.

6. Vuoggatjalme, Sweden

The vast majority of Sweden has a moderate temperature, in its northern parts extremely cold temperatures vary. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Sweden is -52.6 degrees Celsius in Vuoggatjalme, a popular tourist destination.

5. Riverside, Wyoming, USA

Riverside is one of the coldest inhabited places on the mainland of the United States, where in 1933 the temperature was -54.4 degrees Celsius. This area is sparsely populated, in fact 52 uninhabited residents live there.

4. Alaska, USA

Prospect Creek, in Alaska, is one of the coldest countries in the United States and the world, with temperatures dropping to -62 degrees Celsius in 1971. This is where the workers who take care of the Alaska oil pipeline live.

3. Snag, Yukon, Canada

Canada stretches as far as the Arctic and it is not surprising that this country has one of the harshest climates in the world. According to meteorological data, the coldest place inhabited in Canada is Snag, in Yukon, where in 1947 the temperature had dropped to -63 degrees Celsius.

2. Greenland

Greenland has an arctic climate, and temperatures there do not exceed +10 degrees Celsius even on the hottest days of summer. In 1954, extreme temperatures of -66.1 degrees Celsius were recorded in this island nation.

1. Verkhoyansk, Russia

Verkhoyansk, in Russia, located near the Arctic Circle, is one of the coldest places in the world along with Oymyakon, also in Russia. In 1892, extreme temperatures of -69.8 degrees Celsius were recorded here. In this region in the 20th century were sent to live the politically persecuted.
Njeriu është i aftë të jetojë dhe të përshtatet në klima të ndryshme deri në ato më ekstremet dhe ky fakt dëshmohet me mbijetesën e tyre, që disa mijëra vjet, madje dhe në kushtet më ekstreme klimatike që kanë mbizotëruar dhe mbizotërojnë në Tokë.

Në vijim ju paraqesim nëntë vendet më të ftohta të populluara në planetin tonë.

9. Roros, Norvegji

Qyteti i minatorëve Roros, në Norvegji, njihet për klimë polare dhe dimra të ftoftë, ku temperaturat zbresin deri në -50 gradë Celsius. Gjatë sezonit dimëror, në fshatrat e kësaj zone, siç është Karasjok, temperatura konstante shkon rreth -40 °C.

8. Dras, Indi

India njihet si vend shumë i nxehtë me klimë tropikale, mirëpo rajoni Kargil, me saktësisht qyteti Dras, është një vend tejet i ftohtë. Për shkak të lartësisë mbidetare dhe pozitës gjeografike, gjatë dimrit temperatura më e ‘butë’ në Dras është -22 gradë Celsius, ndërsa rekordi i shënuar -50 °C.

7. Lapland, Finlandë

Lapland është një prej rajoneve më të ftohta në botë. Në Kittila, Lapland, në vitin 1999 ishte regjistruar teperatura prej -51.5 gradë Celsius.Në këtë zonë rekreative jetojnë mbi 6.000 banorë.

6. Vuoggatjalme, Suedi

Pjesa dërmuese e Suedisë ka një temperaturë mesatare, në pjesët veriore të saj variojnë temperaturat ekstremisht të ftofta. Temperatura më e ultë që është regjistruar ndonjëherë në Suedi është ajo -52.6 gradë Celsius në Vuoggatjalme, një destinacion i popullarizuar turistik.

5. Riverside, Wyoming, SHBA

Riverside është një prej vendeve më të ftohta të banuara në pjesën kontinentale të SHBA-ve, ku në vitin 1933 ishte regjistruar temperatura -54.4 gradë Celsius. Kjo zonë është pak e banuar, në fakt aty jetojnë 52 banorë të patrembur.

4. Alaska, SHBA

Prospect Creek, në Alaskë, është një prej vendeve më të ftohta në SHBA dhe në botë, ku në vitin 1971 temperatura kishte zbritur në -62 gradë Celsius. Në këtë vend jetojnë punëtorët që kujdesen për naftësjellësin e Alaskës.

3. Snag, Yukon, Kanada

Kanadaja shtrihet deri në Arktik dhe nuk është për tu befasuar se ky vend ka ndër klimat më të ashpra në botë. Sipas të dhënave meteorologjike, vendi më i ftoftë i banuar në Kanada është Snag, në Yukon, ku në vitin 1947 temperatura kishte zbritur në -63 gradë Celsius.

2. Grenlanda

Grenlanda ka klimë arktike, ndërsa temperaturat aty nuk kalojnë +10 gradë Celsius madje as në ditët më të ngrohta të verës. Në vitin 1954, në këtë vend-ishull, është regjistruar temperatura ekstreme -66.1 gradë Celsius.

1. Verkhoyansk, Rusi

Verkhoyansk, në Rusi, që gjendet afër rrethit arktik, është një prej vendeve më të ftofta në botë bashkë me Oymyakon, po ashtu në Rusi. Në vitin 1892, këtu ishte regjistruar temperatura ekstreme prej -69.8 gradë Celsius. Në këtë rajon në shekullin 20-të dërgoheshin të jetonin të përndjekurit politik.

E para pula apo veza? Ja cfare shkruajne shkencetaret.

Who came first, chickens or eggs? This is the enigma that has plagued people for centuries to give an accurate and definitive answer. A group of English scientists seem to have solved this question, Starti reports.

They have researched on the processes that lead to the crystallization of calcium carbonate and the formation of egg shells. Colin Friman and his colleagues at the University of Warwick and Sheffield have discovered that the protein ovocledidin17 (OC-17) present in chicken eggs is responsible for processing calcium carbonate into crystallcalcite, a substance that makes up the strongest part of the skin.

Scientists have also discovered that in the absence of this protein, the peel does not harden and therefore cannot accommodate a bird.

So, according to scientists, chicken, or rather OC-17 protein, was created before the egg
Kush ka ardhur e para, pula apo veza? Kjo është enigma që prej shekujsh ka munduar njerëzit për të dhënë një përgjigje të saktë e përfundimtare. Kësaj pyetjeje një grup shkencëtarësh anglezë duket se i kanë dhënë zgjidhje, transmeton Starti njoftimin.
Ata kanë hulumtuar mbi proceset që çojnë në kristalizimin e karbonat kalciumit dhe formimin e lëvozhgës së vezës. Kolin Friman dhe kolegët e tij të Universitetit të Warwick dhe Sheffield kanë zbuluar se proteina ovocledidina17 (OC-17) e pranishme në vezoret e pulës, është përgjegjëse për përpunimin e karbonat kalciumit në kristalecalciti, substancë që përbën pjesën më të fortë të lëvozhgës.
Shkencëtarët kanë zbuluar gjithashtu se në mungesë të kësaj proteine, lëvozhga nuk ngurtësohet dhe për këtë arsye nuk mund të strehojë një zog.
Pra, sipas shkencëtarëve, pula, ose më mirë proteina OC-17, është krijuar përpara vezës

Nëse mund t’i bashkoni këto dy vija në duar, kjo është domethënia e tyre


Psychotherapist Ellen Goldberg has revealed secrets using ‘palmistry’ to predict love and marriage.

She explained in a video that two lines on her hands reveal information about love and marriage. The first is located on the Venus Pedestal, located at the base of the hand under the thumb.

The second, named "love line", or heart line under the little finger, reports Gazeta Express.

"Sometimes you only see a very long line, and that means a lot of luck. That would mean you will have a deep, true love for the rest of your life, ”explains Goldberg, who has a master's degree in psychology.

According to Goldberg, the line of influence near the ‘Venus Pedestal’ is more accurate in determining when you can expect love in life, and even marriage.

To do this, identify the life line between the index finger and the thumb, which continues toward the bracelet. Draw a visible line from the love line to the life line, and see where the love line begins and ends in relation to the life line.

If the line starts near the index finger, it could mean an early love in life from friends and family, not romantic love anyway. When he reads the palms, Goldberg sees how close the lines of love and life are to each other. The closer they are, the more intimate the relationship will be.
Psikoterapistja Ellen Goldberg ka zbuluar sekrete duke përdorur ‘palmistrinë’ për të parashikuar dashurinë dhe martesën.
Ajo ka shpjeguar në një video se dy vija në duar zbulojnë informacione rreth dashurisë dhe martesës. E para gjendet në Piedestalin e Venerës, që ndodhet në bazën e dorës nën gishtin e madh.

E dyta, e emëruar “vija e dashurisë”, ose vija e zemrës nën gishtin e vogël, transmeton Gazeta Express.

“Nganjëherë ju shihni vetëm një vijë shumë të gjatë, dhe kjo do të thotë shumë fat. Kjo do të nënkuptonte se ju do të keni dashuri të thellë, të vërtetë gjatë gjithë jetës”, shpjegon Goldberg, që ka magjistruar në psikologji.

Sipas Goldberg, vija e ndikimit afër ‘Piedestalit të Venerës’ është më e saktë për përcaktimin e asaj se kur mund të prisni dashurinë në jetë, dhe madje edhe martesën.

Për ta bërë këtë, identifikoni vijën e jetës mes gishtit tregues dhe gishtit të madh, i cili vazhdon drejt byzylykut. Vizatoni një vijë të dukshme nga vija e dashurisë për në vijën e jetës, dhe shikojeni se ku fillon dhe ku përfundon vija e dashurisë në relacion me vijën e jetës.

Nëse vija fillon afër gishtit tregues, kjo mund të nënkuptojë një dashuri të hershme në jetë nga miqtë dhe familja, jo gjithsesi dashuri romantike. Kur i lexon pëllëmbët, Goldberg shikon se sa afër njëra-tjetrës janë vijat e dashurisë dhe jetës. Sa më afër që janë, aq më intime do të jetë marrëdhënia.

Keto jane 41 faktet qe ju bejne te dalloheni se jeni një shqiptar!


The well-known American website "Buzz Feed" has published an article listing some of the things that characterize Albanians, under the title "You know you are Albanian when kur"

This is a form of irony and humor, to give the impression of what are the most typical characteristics of Albanians.

1-Half of the people you know are your cousins

2-Leave tips in supermarkets too

3-At your wedding you have about 400 guests (Meanwhile, get to know them)

4-If you are from Kosovo, Macedonia or Montenegro, practice patriotic tourism - If you visit the Albanian bay every summer of your life, and if you spend money there you are an undeniable patriot

5-Chances are, there is more alcohol in your home than in your neighborhood bar

6-You can’t wear the same dress at two weddings

7-Whenever your grandfather sees politicians on TV, we will shout at them for 20 minutes

8-Use brandy for everything

9-Your mom is obsessed with cleaning the house seven times a day

10-Everyone around you knows how to swear in Albanian

11-Your grandmother suffers a heart attack if you have not eaten

12-Your refrigerator has more meat than the supermarket

13-You are with four friends at the table and each has different political beliefs

14-A guy you like asks "Are you a good girl?" and you do everything to convince him

15-Even a month after the New Year you continue and eat Baklava

16-For you the most important day of the year is New Year's Eve

17-You are proud of Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora and Era Istrefi

18-Albanians marry only Albanians

19-Surprised (positively) when Serbs do not curse or comment on your videos on Youtube.

20-Parents of your Albanian friends always ask you how their children go to school (as if they do not live with them).

21-When your parents are not at home, and one of their Albanian friends calls you, do well to have an explanation of where the parents are.

22-There is always a relative with whom your grandparents do not talk.

23-If you are invited to dinner, those who welcome you refuse to believe that your stomach has a limit, and are offended when you do not finish the fifth dish.

24-You are afraid of coughing or sneezing in front of your parents because they will automatically yell at you for being sick.

25. Your grandmother will get up and prepare food for you even if she is on her deathbed.

26-All your friends are tired of hearing from you that Mother Teresa, Eliza Dushku, the Belushi Brothers and the creator of Viagra have Albanian origin.

27-Keep some kind of Albanian flag shape, on the blouse, on the pendant, tattoo or background on your mobile phone.

28-Mom forces you to wear a "scarf" every time you go out so you don't get cold.

29-Celebrate all religious holidays, regardless of your faith

30- You are in a restaurant with other Albanian families and there is a 10 minute quarrel over who will pay, which includes swearing, hitting and even tearing money

31-Your mother shouts in Albanian in front of your foreign friends

32-Your father always tries to join the Albanian community

33-You got into trouble in the 10th grade when you painted the classroom wall with the Albanian flag

34-When you are with an Albanian and you don't know his name, just call him "hey Albanian"

35- You have either a black Mercedes or a BMW in front of your house

36-Your parents tell you stories of walking 8 miles in 1.5 meters of snow barefoot in the hills and mountains to go to school

37-Talk about an hour in front of the door when you leave someone's house

38-Use food bags to dispose of waste

39-Your father slaughtered a pig or a lamb

40-Go to Albanian holidays just to show off

41-Get nervous very quickly
Uebsite-i i njohur amerikan “Buzz Feed” ka publikuar një artikull në të cilin rendit disa nga gjërat që i karakterizojnë shqiptarët, nën titullin “E dini që jeni shqiptar kur…”

Një formë ironie dhe humori kjo, për të dhënë përshtypjen se cilat janë karakteristikat më tipike të shqiptarëve.

1-Gjysma e njerëzve që njihni janë kushërinjtë tuaj

2-Lini bakshish edhe në supermarkete

3-Në dasmën tuaj keni rreth 400 të ftuar (Ndërkohë njihni ¼ e tyre)

4-Nëse jeni nga Kosova, Maqedonia apo Mali i Zi praktikoni turizmin patriotik – Nëse vizitoni gjirin shqiptar çdo verë të jetës suaj, e nëse shpenzoni aty paratë jeni një patriot i pamohueshëm

5-Shanset janë, që në shtëpinë tuaj ka më shumë alkool se sa në lokalin e lagjes tuaj

6-Nuk mund të vishni të njëjtin fustan në dy dasma

7-Sa herë që gjyshi juaj sheh politikanë në televizor do t’i bërtasi atyre për 20 minuta

8-Përdorni raki për çdo gjë

9-Mamaja juaj është e fiksuar për të pastruar shtëpinë shtatë herë në ditë

10-Çdokush rreth jush di si të shajë në shqip

11-Gjyshja juaj pëson atak në zemër nëse nuk keni ngrënë

12-Frigoriferi juaj ka më shumë mish sesa supermarketi

13-Jeni me katër miq në tavolinë dhe secili ka bindje të ndryshme politike

14-Një djalë që keni qejf ju pyet “A jeni vajzë e mirë?” dhe ju bëni çdo gjë për ta bindur

15-Edhe një muaj pas Vitit të Ri ju vazhdoni dhe hani Bakllava

16-Për ju dita më e rëndësishme e vitit është nata e Vitit të Ri

17-Jeni krenarë për Dua Lipën, Bebe Rexhën, Rita Orën dhe Era Istrefin

18-Shqiptarët martohen vetëm me shqiptarë

19-Habiteni (në mënyrë pozitive) kur serbët nuk ju shajnë apo komentojnë në videot tuaja në Youtube.

20-Prindërit e miqve tuaj shqiptarë gjithmonë ju pyesin se si fëmijët e tyre shkojnë në shkollë (sikur nuk jetojnë me ta).

21-Kur prindërit tuaj nuk janë në shtëpi, dhe një nga miqtë e tyre shqiptarë ju telefonon, bëni mirë të keni një shpjegim se ku janë prindërit.

22-Ekziston gjithmonë një i afërm me të cilin gjyshërit tuaj nuk flasin.

23-Nëse jeni ftuar për darkë, ata që ju mirëpresin refuzojnë ta besojnë se stomaku juaj ka një limit, dhe ofendohen kur ju nuk e mbaroni pjatën e pestë.

24-Keni frikë të kolliteni apo të teshtini para prindërve sepse automatikisht ata do ju bërtasin pse jeni sëmurë.

25-Gjyshja juaj do të çohet e do t’ju përgatisë ushqim edhe nëse është në shtratin e vdekjes.

26-Të gjithë miqtë tuaj janë lodhur duke dëgjuar nga ju se Nënë Tereza, Eliza Dushku, Vëllezërit Belushi dhe krijuesi i Viagrës kanë origjinë shqiptare.

27-Mbani ndonjë lloj forme të flamurit shqiptar, në bluzë, në varse, tatuazh ose sfond në telefonin tuaj celular.

28-Mamaja ju detyron të vishni një “kanatjere” sa herë që dilni që të mos ftoheni.

29-Festoni të gjithë festat fetare, pavarësisht besimit tuaj

30- Jeni në restorant me familje të tjera shqiptare dhe ka një sherr 10 minutësh se kush do paguajë, që përfshin sharje, goditje dhe madje grisje të parave.

31-Mamaja ju bërtet në shqip përpara shoqeve të tua të huaja

32-Babai juaj gjithmon tenton të bashkohet me komunitetin shqiptar

33-Jeni futur në telazhe në klasë të 10-të kur bëtë me bojë murin e klasës me flamurin shqiptar

34-Kur jeni me një shqiptar dhe nuk i dini emrin, thjesht i thërrisni “ej Shqipe”

35- Keni ose një Mercedes të zi ose një BMW përpara shtëpisë tuaj

36-Prindërit tuaj ju tregojnë histori se si ecnin 8 milje në 1.5 meter trashësi bore zbathur në kodra e male për të shkuar në shkollë

37-Flisni rreth një orë para derës kur largoheni nga shtëpia e dikujt

38-Përdorni qese ushqimesh për të hedhur mbeturinat

39-Babai juaj ka therur derr apo qingj

40-Shkoni në festa shqiptare vetëm për t’u dukur

41-Bëheni shumë shpejt me nerva

Ja nga cfare vuani nëse urina juaj ka shume erë


If your urine has a foul odor or color, this indicates that your body is showing signs of harmlessness.

1. You may be dehydrated

If the urine is dark in color, it means that your body is dehydrated and lacks fluids.

2. You have eaten foods that give urine its color.

According to the British Medical Journal, asparagus, alcohol beetroot can not only give a characteristic color to the urine, but also can give it a strong characteristic odor.

3. Urinary tract infection

Heavy odor urine is a sign of urinary tract infection. Bacteria that cause infection are responsible for the smell of urine.

4. Diabetes

Frequent urination can be a sign of type 2 diabetes.

5. You may suffer from a genetic disorder of which you are unaware.

6. In certain periods you may notice changes.

During puberty, before and after the menstrual cycle, after taking oral contraceptives and during menopause you will notice that your urine may change color or smell.

7. When you are in the ovulation phase

According to a study published in the scientific journal Biological Psychology, hormones can give certain characteristics to urine.

8. You may be pregnant

Hormonal changes during pregnancy will make you go to the toilet every five minutes and your urine will smell bad.

9. Various medications, vitamins or supplements can affect the smell of urine making it stronger.

Ja nga cfare vuani nëse urina juaj ka shume erë
Nëse urina juaj ka erë apo ngjyrë të erët kjo flet për shfaqjen e çrregullimeve në trupin tuaj që janë të padëmshme.

1. Mund të jeni të dehidratuar
Nëse urina ka ngjyrë të errët , kjo do të thotë që trupi juaj është i dehidratuar dhe i mungojnë lëngjet.

2. Keni ngrënë ushqime që i japin ngjyrë urinës.
Sipas British Medical Journal, shpargujt, panxhari alkooli jo vetëm që mund t’i japin një ngjyrë karakteristike urinës, por dhe mund t’i japin një erë të fortë karakteristike.

3. Infeksion i traktit urinar
Urina me erë të rëndë është shenjë e infeksionit të traktit urinar. Bakteret që shkaktojnë infeksionin , janë përgjegjëse për erën e urinës.

4. Diabeti
Urini i shpeshtë mund të jetë shenjë e diabetit tip 2.

5. Mund të vuani nga një çrregullim gjenetik për të cilin nuk keni dijeni.

6. Në periudha të caktuara ju mund të vini re ndryshime .
Gjatë pubertetit, para dhe pas ciklit menstrual, pas marrjes së kontraceptivëve orale dhe gjatë menospauzës ju do të vini re që urina juaj mund të nfryshojë ngjyrë apo erë.

7. Kur jeni në fazën e ovulimit
Sipas një studimi të publikuar në revistën shkencore Biological Psychology, hormonet mund t’i japin disa karakteristika të veçanta urinës.

8. Mund të jeni shtatzënë
Ndryshimet hormonale gjatë shtatzënisë do t;ju bëjnë të shkoni çdo pesë minuta në tualet dhe urina juaj do të ketë një erë të athtë.

9.Medikamentet e ndryshme, vitaminat apo suplementet mund të ndikojnë në aromën e urinës duke e bërë atë më të fortë.

Gjashtë sekrete të gjuhës së trupit që i dinë njerëzit e suksesshëm!

Six body language secrets that successful people know!
Often there is no need for words. A body language specialist instructs us to do those actions that provide a sense of respect and avoid those that lower points.

Hold one hand under the chin

"It's an action made by successful people, Hillary Clinton, Steve Jobs on the cover of his biography. It's a thought pose, an action that says, "When there are difficult times, I will find the solution."

Do not inhale


Submit your entry to the International Essay Contest for Young People and win cash prizes and a free trip to Japan.  All nationalities can participate from anywhere in the world. The essay must be 700 words or less in order to qualify. However, the cover page and essay title are excluded from the word count.

Gjuha e trupit: Përse nuk duhet t’i kryqëzoni kurrë duart?!


The nonverbal messages we convey to others have a lot of power in the way people around us perceive us. If you manage to influence your body, you will achieve every possible success.

Body language is older than spoken language or facial mimicry. She is born with us. In recent years, several studies from Harvard, Princton, and other top-class universities have studied body language and taught us how to use it.

Cili eshte kuptimi i logos se veturave AUDI ?

The logo of the company "Audi" with four rings has a message for its manufacturer. The company "Audi" with its very luxurious and convenient products, had a problem with their logo. The company was accused of copying five Olympic rings, which the World Olympic Committee sent to court, but lost the battle, writes The four-ring logo is related to with the old carmakers in Germany. The carmakers Audi, DKW, Wanderer and Horch were independent while, in 1932, they merged and created their own four-circle logo, symbolizing each company with a circle.

Arsyeja se pse ne Rusi mikrovalët u ndaluan ne vitin 1976!

When it comes to microwaves, there are usually two types of thoughts. Initially it is people who cannot live without it, and on the other hand, others who never use it, as they think it is unsafe and causes health problems. Unfortunately, most people belong to the first group.

They choose the microwave for a quick dinner, despite being aware of the health consequences it may have, writes Periscope. It should be noted that electronic microwave ovens that heat food can cause structural damage. In fact, according to the Swiss scientist, microwave food leads to changes in the blood.

Themeluesi miliarder i Ikea-s, ble vetëm rroba të përdorura. Arsyeja do ju habisë!


He built an empire worth 65 billion Euros, but only bought used clothes. Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea for almost ninety years, has shown this special habit during an interview for a Swedish documentary. He showed that he was doing this to set a good example. The entrepreneur is famous for his lifestyle: the tendency to save, according to him, has given success to the firm. "I think you don't wear anything that hasn't been bought in the used market. I want to give an example. It is in the nature of Smaland to be frugal, ”he explained. Smaland is a region in central Sweden where Kamprad comes from and where its firm was born.

10 pika tё rёndёsishme organizuese pёr Maturantёt

Artikulli ne SHQIP eshte me poshte

Whoever is a graduate understands best the difficulties of gathering the right information to successfully pass this extremely important stage of the period of our general education. For me, as well as for many young graduates, it was a bit difficult to summarize in ten key points the whole process of the realization of Matura. Below I have listed the most important points that a graduate should consider on the eve of exams.

10. Organize a workplace; it takes a quiet, tidy place to get the right information from the subjects that are the exam in the State Matura;

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Studentja amerikane shpik maska për të shurdhërit - COVID19

E gjithë bota është në luftë me koronavirusin, ndërsa deri më tani numërohen mijëra viktima.

Por, teksa vendet janë fokusuar se si të ndalojnë përhapjen e COVID-19, një studente amrikane ka menduar për një kategori të caktuar njerezish të cilët kanë vështirësi për të kuptuar gjatë përdorimit të maskës.

Ashley Laërence, jë studente amerikane nga shteti Kentucky, mendoi të modifikojë maskat klasike që të shërbejnë edhe për personat shurdhë për të lexuar buzët.

50 fakte që nuk i keni ditur për Skenderbeun. Ja të vërtetat rreth tij

Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu është heroi Kombëtar por roli dhe vepra e tij vlerësohet në çdo shtet evropian, deri në kontinentin amerikan.
Për këtë qëllim Evropa e njeh Skënderbeun si një “Atlet të Krishtit”, një mbret dhe një luftëtar, që, nëse nuk do të ekzistonte, kishte gjasa që kontinenti të ndërronte fenë. Ja disa fakte të Heroit Kombëtar, që mbase nuk i keni ditur më përpara.

10 llojet e femrave me të cilat nuk duhet te martoheni!

Tërheqja e madhe ndaj një femre, mund të konfuzojë meshkujt duke e çuar pasionin e momentit në martesë. Por jo gjithmonë kjo zgjedhje është e duhura dhe mund të pendoheni shumë shpejt.

Sipas një site amerikan “Date me” meshkujt përpara se t’i propozojnë një femre për martesë duhet të kenë parasysh disa karakteristika kryesore.

1-Mos u marto me një femër që është e ‘etur’ për mashkull dhe të jepet që në takimin e parë.

2-Mos i propozo një femre që flet shumë dhe gjysmën e fjalëve të saj nuk i kuptoni.

Letra e një nëne për doktorin që e këshilloi të abortonte

Letra e një nene për doktorin që e këshilloi të abortonte, pasi vajza e saj kishte sindromën Down, po bën xhiron e botës në internet. Courtney Baker është një nënë kurajoze, e cila zgjodhi të sillte në jetë vajzën e saj Emersyn Faith, pavarësisht se e dinte që ajo ishte diagnostikuar me sindromën Down.

Pse tek dollari shkruhet ‘In God We Trust’ ?

Në tetor të vitit 1957 në kartëmonedhën amerikane ishte shfaqur për herë të parë shprehja “In God We Trust” si alternativë apo zëvendësuese e motos jo-zyrtare “E pluribus unum”

Disa thonë se shprehja “Ne besojmë në zot” është marrë nga himni i Amerikës “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Strofa e katërt përfshin frazën, “Dhe kjo të jetë motoja jonë: Në Zot është besimi ynë”.

10 pyetje pergjigje rreth COVID-19

1. Çfarë është koronavirusi?
Koronaviruset janë familja e viruseve të cilat shkaktojnë sëmundje nga një rrufë e lehtë deri në sëmundje më të rënda si Sindroma Respiratore e Lindjes së Mesme (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome MERS) dhe Sindroma e Rëndë Respiratore Akute (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome SARS).

Friday, March 20, 2020

Universities offer a range of different scholarship programmes for international students to help cover tuition fees or living costs. The exact scholarships on offer vary between universities. Visit your university’s website through the links below to find out more about available university scholarships and how to apply.

Blekinge Institute of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology

Dalarna University

Halmstad University

Jönköping University

Karlstad University

Karolinska Institutet

Friday, January 3, 2020

International students can apply to numerous organisations for a scholarship, for example to the DAAD, to party-related foundations or business-affiliated institutions. You can find information on the various types of scholarships in the DAAD scholarship database, along with suitable offers.

A. Requirements for scholarship application
1. Is there an age limit for DAAD scholarships?
No, there is usually no fixed age limit. There are individual exceptions in programmes in which this is explicitly requested by an international partner. Some scholarship programmes stipulate that only a certain amount of time should have elapsed since the last degree was taken (see also question 2). For details, please refer to the respective Call for Applications at under the heading "Application requirements".

2. I finished my university degree or started my doctorate longer ago than the application requirements specify. Am I still eligible to apply?
Yes, an application may be permissible under the following circumstances which may have a delaying effect on studies or doctoral projects:

pregnancy and childbirth
care of children up to the age of 12 (maximum of three years per child)
care of care-dependent relatives
disability or chronic illness
prolonged, serious illness
compulsory military service
if applicable, other circumstances.
The dates of birth of children and periods of childcare or care of relatives or longer periods of absence due to illness or disability should be indicated in the application form; the last free text field "Other comments / Information" is available for this purpose. DAAD reserves the right to ask you to submit appropriate supporting documents.

Proof of disabilities or illnesses can be provided in the form of a disability card or medical certificate. If possible, the medical certificate should indicate the periods of absence.

Information about studying abroad with a disability or chronic illness is provided in the following: Mobility with a Disability.

Other circumstances must also be justified and substantiated with supporting documents.

3. I have not completed my university degree at the time of application. Am I still eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Biologjia                                   Gjuhe e Huaj Profesionale             Gjuhe e Huaj orientim gjuhesor
Ekonomi Berthame                   Gjuhe Shqipe Profesionale             Gjuhe Shqipe orientim gjuhesor
Fiziologji Sociologji                  Matematike                                    Matematike orientim gjuhesor
Gjuhe e huaj
Gjuhe shqipe dhe letërsi


Study abroad for free by enrolling direct
I should first mentioned that all of the countries in this article are only free to attend if you enroll directly with the university, or that country’s equivalent. If you’re American, the study abroad programs that your school advertises or that you see online will still charge you…and a LOT, even if you study in one of the below countries. There are major advantages for using those programs over enrolling directly, like ease of the application process, help with visas, the fact that you’re dealing with American admin people and financial terms, and much more, mostly in terms of ease and convenience.

If you’re up for a longer-term study abroad option, and you’re willing to do all of your application paperwork yourself, do tons of research on your own in terms of which classes to take, figure out if your classes abroad will count for your home university degree, plus deal with the red tape that usually comes with dealing with a foreign country, then you can definitely bag yourself a free study abroad experience.

Germany is known for its excellent university system, and all international students can study here for free after paying a yearly administration fee, which is usually less than €350. The country has lots of cool cities that you could study abroad in, all while paying nothing for your education and with low living costs if you pass on studying in the major cities like Munich. In my opinion, Germany is the absolute best option if you want to study abroad for free.

For most degree programmes, knowledge of German is a prerequisite for admission to German university. You can prove your German language proficiency by taking a language test, such as the TestDaF or DSH. However, you don’t need to know German if you intend on enrolling in an international degree programme. You can attend a language course to improve your German language skills.
German is normally the language of instruction in most degree programmes at German universities. That’s why foreign applicants are usually required to prove their knowledge of German before gaining admission.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Study in Europe for free (or low tuition fees)
Europe offers plenty of affordable study options for international students. In many countries, education is free for European students. And there are even some places where non-European students can study for free. Read on and find out where you can study on the cheap - even if you do not receive a scholarship or a bank loan.

Overview: Where can you attend university for free?
With very few exceptions, these are the countries in Europe that offer free tuition at their public universities:

Country Tuition fee for students from EU/EEA (per year) Tuition fee for students from other countries (per year)
Austria free ca. 1,500 EUR
Denmark free 45,000 - 120,000 DKK
(6,000 - 16,000 EUR)
Finland free 5,000 - 20,000 EUR
France free 2,800 - 3,800 EUR
Germany free free
Greece free ca. 1,500 EUR
Hungary free ca. 1,500 EUR
Norway free free
Poland free ca. 2,000 EUR
Slovenia free ca. 5,000 EUR
Sweden free 80,000 - 200,000 SEK
(8,300 - 20,800 EUR)

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Tuition fees
Tuition fees in Holland are comparatively low.

Fees for EU/EEA students
Annual tuition fees for students from an EEA country, Switzerland or Surinam start at € 2,060 for the academic year 2018-2019 and at € 2,087 for the academic year 2019-2020. The Dutch government has halved tuition fees for first-year students in higher education. Read more about the reduced fees on

Fees for non-EU/EEA students
For students with other nationalities the average tuition fee for bachelor’s programmes is between € 6,000 and € 15,000, and for a master’s programme between € 8,000 and € 20,000.

Visit our Studyfinder database to check the exact amounts per course

How do I find scholarships?
the financial aid office at a college or career school.
a high school or TRIO counselor.
the U.S. Department of Labor's FREE scholarship search tool.
federal agencies.
your state grant agency.
your library's reference section

The Swedish-Turkish Scholarship Programme and SI Scholarships for the Western Balkans provide a number of full scholarships to citizens of the Western Balkans and Turkey for master’s studies in Sweden. Both programmes aim at contributing to closer relations between the Western Balkans, Turkey and the EU with a focus on democracy, human rights, good governance and the rule of law.

Read more about the scholarship, eligibility and how to apply at the Swedish Institute’s website.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Holland Scholarship
The Holland Scholarship is meant for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who want to do their bachelor’s or master’s in the Netherlands. Are you ready for the chance of a lifetime? Apply for the Holland Scholarship!

Holland Scholarship

This scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as well as several Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences.

Holland Scholarship(1.4 MB)

The scholarship amounts to € 5,000. You will receive this in the first year of your studies. Please note that this is not a full-tuition scholarship.

Grant award period
The grant is awarded for one year and can only be received once.

Application criteria
Your nationality is non-EEA.
You are applying for a full-time bachelor’s or master’s programme at one of the participating Dutch higher education institutions.
You meet the specific requirements of the institution of your choice. You can find these on the website of the institution.
You do not have a degree from an education institution in the Netherlands.
How to apply
Find your programme in the overview of participating research universities or in the overview of participating universities of applied sciences. You will find detailed information about the application procedure and deadlines in the links provided in both lists.

The university will contact you to let you know if you have been awarded a scholarship.

You can now apply for the 2020-2021 academic year. The deadline for application is either 1 February 2020 or 1 May 2020. Please check the website of the institution of your choice to confirm the correct deadline.

Monday, August 5, 2019

About the Scholarship
When it comes to college, it’s never too early to explore, research, and dream. And you’re not alone: We’re here to help guide you through that journey.

Students in the class of 2020 who build a college list with six or more colleges on our college planning site, BigFuture™, can earn a chance at a $500 scholarship.

The College Board will award 100 Build scholarships every month from January through July 2019.

How to Qualify
Sign in to your College Board account and build a college list on BigFuture™ with at least six colleges to earn one entry in the monthly drawing.

As you research, update your list of six or more colleges in later months to earn another entry.

Get Started
Search for colleges on BigFuture™ and save them to your list. Make sure you’re signed in to your College Board account to save your list.
Add at least six schools to your list.

Tips for Building Your List
What is a college list?
A college list is a list of colleges and universities that could be a good fit for you. The list can include schools close to home or in other cities and states.

How to build a strong list?
Consider colleges that match your interests, goals, and what’s important to you. You can use average GPA and test scores, potential majors, and other factors to help you narrow it down.

How to earn entries?
Earn an entry by adding at least six colleges to your college list on BigFuture™. Update your college list in later months to enter again. Make sure to have at least six colleges on your list.

Increase Your Chances
Update your list in later months as you explore schools that could be a good fit for you. If you edit your list and it still has six or more colleges, you'll earn another entry during that month.

Dates and Deadlines
Scholarships are awarded every month from January through July 2019. A new eligibility window starts on the first day of each month and ends at midnight on the last day of the month. The drawing occurs on the first day of the following month.

Drawing Notifications
On the drawing dates, 100 students will be randomly selected on the drawing dates to receive a $500 scholarship. 50 of those scholarships will go to students whose families earn less than $60,000 per year.

We’ll notify qualified students by email to sign in and go to their My Achievements page to see the results.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

In Switzerland, only few students at bachelor and master’s level hold a scholarship or grant. Most students finance their programme and costs of living through part-time work. While tuition fees vary between CHF 500 and CHF 2,000 per semester/term, the costs of living are high though. Furthermore, grant availability for PhD students is much higher.

Does your government offer study grants and scholarships through which you could finance your stay in Switzerland?
If you are an exchange student, does your home university offer scholarships for studying 1-2 semesters in Switzerland?
Would you be eligible for a student job alongside your study programme in Switzerland?
Check out the funding opportunities of Swiss universities and companies. Several universities have grants/scholarships at faculty/department/institute or student body level. Make sure to check out these grants when you have chosen your study programme.

Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) Scholarship
SEMP is the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ for higher education. As a SEMP incoming student, you will receive a mobility grant from the Swiss government. This ranges from CHF 380 to CHF 440 a month depending on your country of origin. Contact the responsible office at your home university in order to find out about the requirements for participation, the application deadlines at your home university, the required documents, etc.

Your online application for a SEMP stay at a Swiss university is also an automatic application for the grant. The grant is paid out directly by the Swiss host institution. General information about SEMP can also be found on the website of the national agency for exchange and mobility MOVETIA.

Scholarships for Young Swiss Abroad Studying in Switzerland
Young Swiss abroad usually have the possibility to apply for a scholarship for their  home canton or training. Each canton has its own grant regulations, and so the pre-requisites fand the amount of the grant, as well as the necessary formalities and deadlines, vary greatly from canton to canton (EDUCATION SUISSE).

For PhD Students, Artists and Young Researchers
University/Faculty or Department Scholarships for PhD Students
Several departments and institutes offer scholarships or grants. However, they rarely provide full coverage. Check your future department’s scholarship or grant programme.
Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists
Are you an excellent PhD Student or Artist?
The Swiss Government awards Excellence Scholarships to foreign graduates, post-graduates and artists holding a recognised university degree. Detailed information about offers and requirements is available on the website of the FEDERAL COMMISSION FOR SCHOLARSHIPS FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS (FCS).
Swiss National Science Foundation
Mandated by the federal government, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports science in all academic disciplines, from history to medicine and the engineering sciences. The SNSF is Switzerland’s foremost research funding organisation and finances over 3,200 projects involving 14,800 researchers each year.
Find further information on SNSF.

Offered by Universities and Companies