Monday, August 15, 2016

The workshop will take place at the Faculty for Political, Communication and Administrative Sciences, Babeș Bolyai University. In this workshop the aim is to discuss research, compare, and theorize the social, economic and political changes produced by new return migration from Europe in societies of origin. Another aim is unfolding returnees maintenance of social ties and forms of social capital between societies of origin and destination.

Given the diversity of patterns of return and migration in Europe, the workshop is looking not only into such processes, but also into all sorts of institutional cooperation enhanced by returnees social capital, including professional networks, NGO activism and intra-European and extra-European institutional partnerships.


  • All the researchers who work on migrations to Europe originating in various countries of origin;
  • It provides the occasion for collaboratively thinking through current dynamics displaying new and old features of how return and social change are interlinked;
  • From the papers and discussion the workshop plans to publish a Special Issue or Edited Volume.