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Matematika Zgidhje 2006-2012 - Kliko Ketu
Matematika e Pergjithshme 2006 - Kliko Ketu
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Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding decisions you can gift yourself and your future career. It helps fulfill a dream of travel without taking a break from your studies and prolonging your graduation date, not to mention it can really boost your image with potential employers down the line
Imagine yourself in a totally new place, speaking a totally new language, living with a totally new perspective, and hanging out with great new friends. You'll find yourself falling in love with food you can't even find at home and gaining a professional network that crosses the globe -- can someone say: "connections?"But let's be real: while there are some major perks to studying overseas, there are a few disadvantages as well. We've connected with CEA Study Abroad to provide you a review of the number of exciting benefits you can expect to receive and experience when you study abroad, as well as the disadvantages that come with them (and how to solve them).
Use these tips, pros, and cons to decide if studying abroad is worth it for you.
1. You'll meet new people and broaden your perspective.
Not only are you going to meet new people and friends, you might meet way different people. Think beyond your best friend since middle school, your favorite study group partner, or classmates: you are going to be able to meet people with different life perspectives, cultures, style, and opinions.

Their approach to studying, exploring, and conversing, for instance, might be a breath of fresh air (or surprising, at least) while also reminding you that still, as humans, you are not so different after all. They'll enlighten you with information that our media can only give so much of. You might even change your worldly and political opinions -- or change theirs!

The opportunities are endless when you meet new people; your studies and professional future will benefit from it.

2. You will have the chance to learn a new language.

Learning a new language is fun when you are immersed in a new culture and putting your studies to practical use on a daily basis. Studying abroad makes this possible by allowing the world's daily routines to be your classroom.

The best thing about studying languages abroad? You'll reap the benefits of perfecting your grammar for your professional career and friendly slang for your "street cred."

Now you'll be able to get a job in that country (or any location requiring an additional language skill) and explore other travel dreams, like living abroad after college or taking a gap year before settling down.