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Enjoy Barcelona's architecture at University of Barcelona
As the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona's study abroad scene has a number of programs at your disposal. Many students come from all over the world to pursue research interests, live in a transportation hub to Europe close to the coast, and gaze at Gaudi's breathtaking architecture. It's known as one of the top leading tourist destinations with eight World Heritage Sites, 68 city parks, a long coastline of beaches, and a list of cultural activities taller than Shaq.
University of Barcelona
Having opened its doors in 1450, the University of Barcelona is one of Spain's oldest (dating older than the United States, uff da!) and best ranking around the world. It's got a fab track record of top notch academics, with bragging rights as the prime research hub in all of Spain (not to mention winning Best University of Spain in 2011). It's been recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education in 2009 as a Campus of International Excellence, catering to meet the growing needs of a globalized world.
Join over 63,000 students in being a part of its ever-growing 560 years of history. This is a good university to do your general education courses (gotta get 'em out of the way anyway, right?).

Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona Tech)

Polytechnic University of Catalonia is an international campus of excellence known for its energy efficient campus and high-end research. Students can choose between 53 bachelor's degrees, 119 master's degrees (21 taught completely in English), and 59 doctoral degrees. They have exchange agreements in over 130 countries with nearly 2,500 students entering each year to pursue their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics studies (yes, you can study abroad with science related majors!)

Suggested Study Abroad Programs in Barcelona

AIFS in Barcelona
Barcelona SAE
CEA Study Abroad Barcelona
IFSA-Butler: Engage Spain

Madrid; a study abroad classic
Just like Barcelona, thousands and thousands of students flock each year to Spain's capital city and commerce hub with programs upon programs to suit your goals. Madrid is Spain's most populous city and attracts people near and far with its cultural wonders, bustling nightlife, and history of gastronomic goodies. Its 73 museums alone will keep you busy all year -- or semester -- long as you study abroad in Madrid!

Complutense University of Madrid

Complutense University is one of six public universities in Madrid, and is known as the best and one of the biggest in all of Europe. With over 77 course study subjects, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy in between siestas. Students from all over Europe, the USA, Middle East, Oceania, and Asia will be among the many classmates in your program at this Campus of International Excellence. Besides the wide variety of classroom life, the university alone has over 12 cultural offerings and intramural sports.

Autonomous University of Madrid

Autonomous University of Madrid (or UAM for short) has a top rank as one of the cream of the crop universities in all of Spain and is known as one of the top 200 universities in the world. UAM proudly holds recognitions from prominent organizations like El Mundo, the Times Higher Education Supplement, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Like Barcelona Tech, UAM has an environmentally sustainable campus to share with over 30,000 and 1,000 international students. If it's your first time studying in a Spanish speaking country, the UAM has an fantastic language and culture class with classes no more than 15 students to ensure individual attention.

Suggested Study Abroad Programs in Madrid

IES Abroad Semester in Madrid
Hamilton College in Madrid
CSU at University of Madrid
Universities in Smaller Spanish Cities

University of Seville

Get off the beaten path in Seville
Seville is a huge magnet for international students because of its easy accessibility, the warmer southern climates, and the welcoming Andalucian culture. Oh, and the academics? University of Seville (or US for short) is known as a campus city because of its large size right in the middle of everything.

One of the best universities in Spain, the US has over 70,000 students on its Campus of International Excellence. Each program has an international focus offering 67 undergraduate and 77 masters degrees, so they're bound to have a classes to fit your goals. Not only that, but US provides a laptop for each student, so you won't be left behind in connecting with loved ones back home and having the resources you need to be successful in your classes while studying abroad in Seville!