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How to apply / Scholarships & money support
The European Masters Program in Computational Logic at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is organised as part of its Master of in Science Computer Science offer (Laurea Magistrale). The Master comprises 120 ECTS credits and lasts two years (including thesis). Each year's course is divided into two semesters. The courses start in October of each academic year. Continuation of studies towards the PhD doctoral degree is possible.
Mathematics, or an equivalent degree or comparable university record.

language certificate in English. Since the medium of instruction in the Masters Programme is English, students whose first language is not English must demonstrate competence in English. If you are an English native speaker the certificate is not necessary. We recognise TOEFL, IELTS or an equivalent test.
objective evidence of extensive knowledge in the areas "Foundations of Mathematical Logic", "Foundations of Artificial Intelligence" or "Declarative Programming" is required with an ECTS grade equivalent to "A" or "B".
The precise prerequisites and more details on the evaluation are available on the EMCL Booklet in the Study requirements and Evaluation sections.


If you fulfil the prerequisites, you may apply for the European Master's Program in Computational Logic by following the detailed instructions specified in the official Application and Admission web page of the EMCL.


Application period will start on 1 November. Please consider the different deadlines. Applications for EMCL with Erasmus Mundus scholarship (1) are possible until 31 January and for EMCL without scholarship program (2) are possible until 31 May. Applications must be sent using the online system, available on the EMCL website.

Please consider the deadlines for applications for scholarships and grants offered by the different institutions.

Scholarships & money support

The centralised nominal tuition/enrolment fees for the European Master in Computational Logic are 1,000€ for European citizens, and 3,000€ for non-European citizens, to be paid in two instalments after the beginning of the courses.

We offer many scholarships together with tuition/enrolment fee waivers -- see below. In order to have more information about scholarships and money support contact the FUB EMCL Information Desk.

Scholarships for all applicants.
The Free University of Bozen/Bolzano also offers student part-time contracts. These contracts cannot exceed 150 hours per year and are based on the needs of the offices and services of the University. The deadline is generally at the beginning of November, the call and more details on the application procedure are available on the University website.
Additional scholarships for European citizens.
Citizens from the European Union, or non-EU citizens with residence in the province of Bozen-Bolzano for at least one year, can apply to all the following kinds of scholarships in addition to the scholarships listed above. If you have any question about the scholarship application procedure for European citizens, or you need support for the application, please ask Ms Federica Cumer at
only for students choosing the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano for their second year: a local ordinary scholarship (only for the year of study at FUB), which is granted purely on the basis of the yearly income of the applicant and of her/his parents or husband/wife, and it is up to 5,400€ per year. The scholarships are increased by 20% for students with excellent study achievements. The amount of the scholarship is a lump sum of 6,400€ per year for students with children. Students entitled to a scholarship are also entitled to the full reimbursement of the local university enrolment fees.
For more information, please refer to the local ordinary scholarships official call (in English, but referring to past dates). The official web pages with the correct information for the local scholarships in this academic year, with the detailed instructions and the application forms, are available from the Office for School and University Assistance, Sector for the Right to University Studies in Italian or German; please note that in those web pages the official PDF documents containing the text of the calls may be available in English as well.

a Socrates Erasmus scholarship (only for the year of study abroad), which will granted for the second year of study abroad, and it is 330€ per month.
The Socrates Erasmus scholarship is granted to all European students for the second year of study abroad, up to the filling of the available posts, and it is 330€ per month. Applications are usually submitted at the end of the first semester of the first year at FUB. Students who already had a Socrates Erasmus scholarship during their BSc studies are eligible to get a second scholarship for this European Master.

Scholarships for non-European citizens.
The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs awards scholarships and study grants to non Italian citizens ("foreign nationals"), through the Italian representative authority in their country (usually the Italian embassy or consulate). The Italian representative authority will support the student to get information and to prepare the necessary documents for the scholarship.

Non-EU citizens with residence in the province of Bozen-Bolzano for at least one year, can apply to the local ordinary scholarship as described above for European citizens. The scholarship is granted purely on the basis of the yearly income of the applicant and of her/his parents or husband/wife, and it is up to 5,400€ per year.