Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Been asked to attend a university interview and juggling feelings of satisfaction, panic and terror all at once? Here are some top tips to get you interview-ready.

While it’s natural to be nervous, having an idea of what to expect can help you to shine on the day. Remember that receiving an interview invite means that admissions tutors are impressed with your application so far and you're in the running for receiving an offer.

To help you prepare we've also asked students to share their stories on what a uni interview is really like, as well as some of the more unusual interview questions you may be asked.

What will the interview be like?

Interviews can range from an ‘exam out loud’ (it’s safe to expect this from an Oxbridge interview) to an informal chat designed to encourage you to choose that course. They can last anything from ten minutes to an hour and are usually, though not always, conducted by one interviewer.

They can also vary depending on the subject you’re applying to study – for example, English students may have to discuss a poem with their interviewer, while maths applicants might be asked to solve an equation.

Whatever the format of your interview, there should be a two-way interaction. Make sure you not only respond to what your interviewer asks you, but contribute to the discussion. There is no such thing as the perfect interview, or the perfect answer to a question an interviewer might throw at you. As much as possible, just try to relax and see it as an opportunity to discuss a subject you and your interviewer share an interest in.

Asking good question will impress your interviewer just as much as good answers. Careers coaching experts Eyes Wide Opened explain more in this short video...