Saturday, April 8, 2017

Call for 800 participants: International Youth Camp: Open your mind, improve our world!: APPLY

Deadline Date:  Ongoing

Open to: young people between 18 and 35 years old from all over the world

Venue: 16 – 22 July 2017 in Batumi, Georgia

Camp might give you a chance to be with people from different countries. It’s a great way to make cool new friends
and learn about different places and cultures.

Before you apply you should read all of the information!

The Camp provides local and international youth the opportunity to have intercultural experience, integrated understanding on tolerance, multiculturalism and living together in peace, through a valuable and meaningful 6 days program in a beautiful country!

The general aim is: To Increase the knowledge and understanding about Intercultural communication and cooperation, and bring various teaching methods for transferring that knowledge to the societe
More specific objectives coming out from the general aim are:

To recognize the unique importance of each culture, emphasizing shared values and pluralistic identity;

To increase intercultural awareness about different communication styles and approaches in multicultural areas by exchanging views and experiences;
To increase their understanding on how stereotypes and prejudices are created;
To promote tolerance, equality and solidarity among different cultures, nationalities, ethnic and religious groups, etc.  According to the Human Rights principals;
To develop positive attitudes and behaviors for less discrimination and more positive intercultural relationships;
To plan new projects and activities about intercultural learning which will be implemented in their communities and organizations;


• Intercultural Dialogue
• Conflict Resolution and Peace Culture.
• Nationalism, intolerance and xenophobia.
• Creativity as a basis for intercultural work (art as a common language).
• Art as a tool for social transformation and social inclusion.
• Theatre as tools for youth work.
• International youth cooperation.


-Meet  participants from all over World;
-Debate on daring and urgent topics with youth representatives from around the world;
-A sense of awareness
-Critical Thinking
-An international perspective and open-mindedness regarding different cultural and political backgrounds.
-Conduct international negotiations
-New friendships beyond the diplomatic floor
Intercultural camp named ,,Open your mind, improve our world!” will be organized by . Peace and change makers, youth activists,  day dreamers or everyone who is really committed to his self development and to everyone else’s self development, this is your call, we need you all  on board to make this possible.