Monday, June 5, 2017


Preliminary data shows that 1,171 University of Iowa students--813 undergraduates and 358 graduate and professional students--studied abroad in 70 different countries during 2015-16. More complete statistics will be reported here when available.

1,220 University of Iowa students—909 undergraduates and 311 graduate and professional students—studied abroad in 72 different countries during 2014-15.

For undergraduates that graduated in 2014-15, 14% participated in a study abroad experience at some point in their college career at UI.

Academic Status

Among the UI undergraduates, 2% were first-year students, 12% sophomores, 43% juniors, and 43% seniors.

Field of Study

Undergraduates who studied abroad during 2014-15 had majors in all of the Colleges; 50.1% of students represented the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 18.7% were in the Tippie College of Business, 17.8% in University College, 6.7% in the College of Education, 5.5% in the College of Engineering, and 1% in the College of Nursing.


UI undergraduates studied abroad in 54 different countries during 2014-15 and UI graduate students studied in 57 different countries. Combining undergraduate and graduate student destinations, 72 countries in total were visited.
The highest concentration of undergraduates—61%—was in Europe. 23% studied in Asia, 6% in Latin America, 4% in Oceania (Australia & New Zealand), and 6% in all other regions combined. The breakdown for graduate students was 29% in Asia, 23% in Europe, 29% in Latin America, 6% in the Middle East, 5% in Sub-Saharan Africa, and 7% of students studied in multiple countries.
Combining all undergraduate and graduate students who studied abroad in 2014-15, the destination breakdown by world region is as follows: Europe – 49%, Asia – 25%, Latin American & the Caribbean – 13%, Australia and New Zealand – 3%, Other regions – 9%.

Duration of Study
Most popular study abroad destinations for UI graduate students in 2014-2015
CountryNumber of students
Multiple destinations31
United Arab Emirates24
United Kingdom15

44% of UI undergraduates spent a summer abroad, 34% the semester, 19% in winter session programs, and 3% for an entire academic year.
For graduate students, the highest concentration—39%—participated during a semester but for 8 weeks or less, while 34% studied over the summer session, 19% during the winter session, and 5% for a semester, and 3% for an entire academic year.
These are the most up-to-date statistics International Programs has at this time. For more information, Contact Study Abroad.