Friday, January 3, 2020

International students can apply to numerous organisations for a scholarship, for example to the DAAD, to party-related foundations or business-affiliated institutions. You can find information on the various types of scholarships in the DAAD scholarship database, along with suitable offers.

A. Requirements for scholarship application
1. Is there an age limit for DAAD scholarships?
No, there is usually no fixed age limit. There are individual exceptions in programmes in which this is explicitly requested by an international partner. Some scholarship programmes stipulate that only a certain amount of time should have elapsed since the last degree was taken (see also question 2). For details, please refer to the respective Call for Applications at under the heading "Application requirements".

2. I finished my university degree or started my doctorate longer ago than the application requirements specify. Am I still eligible to apply?
Yes, an application may be permissible under the following circumstances which may have a delaying effect on studies or doctoral projects:

pregnancy and childbirth
care of children up to the age of 12 (maximum of three years per child)
care of care-dependent relatives
disability or chronic illness
prolonged, serious illness
compulsory military service
if applicable, other circumstances.
The dates of birth of children and periods of childcare or care of relatives or longer periods of absence due to illness or disability should be indicated in the application form; the last free text field "Other comments / Information" is available for this purpose. DAAD reserves the right to ask you to submit appropriate supporting documents.

Proof of disabilities or illnesses can be provided in the form of a disability card or medical certificate. If possible, the medical certificate should indicate the periods of absence.

Information about studying abroad with a disability or chronic illness is provided in the following: Mobility with a Disability.

Other circumstances must also be justified and substantiated with supporting documents.

3. I have not completed my university degree at the time of application. Am I still eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Yes, in programmes which require a first university degree, you can apply in your last year of study. You must then meet all the academic requirements set out in the Call for Applications by the time your scholarship period begins. Your degree certificate has to be submitted before the funding period begins.

4. I'm already in Germany. Am I still eligible to apply?
Yes, if you have been in Germany for a maximum of 15 months by the closing date for applications and the Call for Applications makes no other specifications.

5. I am not currently living in my country of origin. Am I still eligible to apply for a scholarship?
This is possible under certain circumstances:

If you wish to apply for a short-term scholarship (up to 6 months), you must have lived and have been normal resident in your country of residence for at least one year at the time of application.
If you would like to come to Germany for more than 6 months, you must also have obtained your last degree (e.g. Bachelor/Master) in your country of residence or obtain this degree by the time the scholarship period begins.
We strongly recommend that you seek information and advice and find out which scholarship programmes are available to you, and whether you have to apply from your country of residence or country of origin. Contact persons are listed in the Scholarship database under "Contact and advice".

6. I am enrolled in a study programme at a German university and aim to complete this degree in Germany, or I am completing a doctoral degree at a German university. Can I apply for a DAAD scholarship abroad?
Under certain conditions, foreign nationals may also apply for funding programmes. You can find further information [pdf-Datei] on our website. Programmes for funding abroad for students in Germany are listed in our scholarship database