Tuesday, September 20, 2016


You’ve heard it a thousand times – your overly excited, fresh-from-abroad classmate exclaiming “Studying abroad was a life changing experience!” Now before your eyes glaze over and you avoid the topic of travel like the plague, we are here to explain why your peer is so passionate – and why you should be excited too. Many students have dreams of studying abroad, but only a handful actually go; could it be because they don’t know where to start? GoAbroad to the rescue! We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you a directory of 30,000+ study abroad programs, not to mention the tools you need to make it happen. Follow these steps to get started.

You can search for study abroad programs by a specific location, area of study, length of stay, or region, or any combination of the latter characteristics. However, GoAbroad also offers you access to experts through our Online Advisor, so don’t be afraid to let US do your homework for YOU. It takes less than two minutes to fill out an inquiry form about your interests, and then our magical matchmaker team will send you program options within 24 hours that have been handpicked just for you.You’re welcome in advance!
If you’re in the shopping phase of looking for a study abroad program, consider signing up for aMyGoAbroad account. This tool will help you customize your experience on GoAbroad. It allows you to bookmark and save programs as you browse, and then compare them side-by-side to determine which is best for you!