Monday, March 6, 2017

While some people are seeking jobs that are exciting, challenging and rewarding, others are looking for the highest paying jobs in the world, and landing such a job, is a life dream for many. Well, as much as these jobs are lucrative, they require skills that are hard to acquire, or take years of training to master. In this article, I outline the highest paid jobs in the world based on our ‘Highest Paid Jobs’ series of articles.

Some of the professions that are high on the list are in medicine and management – especially executive roles. If you are looking for a rewarding job around the world that comes with a high salary, make sure you pursue one of these roles:

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(Salaries displayed are annual)

6. The Netherlands - Managing Director - €150k (£113k)


What they do: Managing directors provide high-level management such as monitoring the performance of other managers and department heads. They also train and guide other managers and staff members as required, creating revising and reviewing schedules for various departments, etc.

Education: A BSc in business administration and an MBA are essential for this job.

5. Germany - Executive Human Capital Management - €190k (£143k)


What they do:Executive human capital managers are responsible for attracting, developing and managing the firm’s biggest asset: people. They try to find and retain great talent for all the positions in an organisation.

Education: This position usually requires five years of experience in a leadership role, preferably in a human capital or human resources position. A master’s degree in Human Resources, Labour Relations or a relevant field is a plus.

4. Ireland – Management Consultant – €216k (£160k)


What they do:  Management consultants operate across a wide range of sectors such as marketing, financial and management controls, IT, business strategy etc. They use their business expertise to provide objective advice and help an organisation solve issues, create value, improve business performance and maximise growth.

Education: The area of management consultancy is open to graduates from any degree discipline; however, a degree in Business, Finance, Economics, Mathematics or Engineering is helpful.

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3. Singapore - Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer - $382k (£182k)


What they do: The job description of a managing director/CEO varies by organization. However, main duties involve directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the company, developing and successfully implementing company policy, closely monitoring the operating and financial results against plans and budgets.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in business administration, management or any other relevant field is required, while an MBA relevant to the industry in which you work is a plus.

2. Dubai – Director – 1.2 million AED (£191k)


What they do:Directors ensure the smooth operating of all finance and service functions in a company: accounting, logistics, purchasing and IT. Directors are also tasked with preparing annual budgets, preparing annual reporting of results, legal filings and tax declarations as required, recruiting and managing the staff in different functions.

Education: This position requires a university degree in Business Administration or Finance, while an MBA is a plus. On top of this, extensive knowledge of finance, accounting, budget and cost control, purchasing and logistics is a must.

1. Canada – Specialist physicians - $375k (£197k)


What they do: Specialist physicians work in clinical medicine, laboratory medicine and in surgery. Those in clinical medicine, diagnose and treat diseases and physiological or psychiatric disorders. Specialists in laboratory medicine conduct microscopic and chemical analyses of laboratory samples and specimens to determine the nature, cause and development of human diseases. Specialists in surgery perform and supervise surgical procedures.

Education: For this job, a Bachelor of Science degree is required from an approved medical school, and specific specialty training is required. Specialists physicians also need to complete the certifying examinations of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and get licensed by the provincial or territorial authority.