Saturday, April 11, 2020

Guida e Mbijetesës në Juridik - Urtësi studentore, brez pas brezi


Preliminary words

* Find exam theses / summaries in the photocopy in front of the faculty.
* You can find the books at Beqo.
* You also have the option of photocopies (photocopy in front of Mon Cheri), almost 4 times cheaper than books, but copyright ...
* You are used to pre-university education, but remember: you are over 18 years old. You are an adult. Start seeing and treating yourself as an adult, so that even the professors and staff of the faculty (* khe-khe *, secretaries) treat you as an adult. Otherwise, you are being pressured.

general part

1) Although every lecturer says that the lecture is optional, do not lie.
There are professors who stay true to the word.
There are professors who take the names present to raise students.
There are professors who take absences to sit students.
2) Do not accumulate pages. Do as you please, read those 50 pages you get per day, the same day. Work on the theses in those questions that I know after reading. They save time and in the end, during the season.
3) It's a pity you don't have the constitution. It is your Bible, it is beautiful, it is small and it costs only 200 lek.
4) You have the codes online and you can download them on your mobile phone, to save money, as there are 1000 lek / pieces. They grow, they change.
5) When professors tell you that the book is allowed on the exam, do not eat the whole tekke. Make a preparation for each case, then the lecturer comes to the class and says "I didn't say anything".
Books are usually written by educators themselves. Do the calculations yourself.
6) In every exam, in any case, even when the lecturer does not tell you anything, come with the relevant book / code (if you have bought them, of course). There may be some last minute charity and they will tell you that you can keep the books / codes / notes open.
7) Many students agree that as taught in Roman law in the first year, it is not taught for other exams during the legal experience. That's because it's the first exam at the university and they don't know what to expect.
8) They are called colloquia, not collegiums.
9) You will suffer a little when the grades come out - you will not be able to escape from the cracks-cracks behind the door, even if the pedagogue has divided the grading with groups and schedules.
10) You can skip the cracking part and wait for the grade to drop in the system, but you may get gray until then. Plus, you may miss out on extra points / notes.
11) If you enter law for a master's degree and change your mind along the way, don't worry; you are neither the first nor the last.
12) You will get on your nerves with the secretaries and anyone who is supposed to give information in legal. Patience is a virtue.
13) You will not suffer for parties and excursions - thinks the Student Council for these, but only for these.
14) Do not remain entrenched in law. Do not use large Latin terms hokus-pokus to catch the eye of teachers. Of course, if you are coded immediately.
15) Ask for higher years. You get information, they get the pleasure of sharing the experience.
16) Sometimes you will hear strange advice. If you are told to compliment the teacher, compliment the teacher.
17) Activate in the seminar. Educators, after all, are not goggles. Those who respond, remember and may have extra help in the end. It's even better to be remembered when you answer wrongly than to answer well and just be the next person.
18) Don't worry too much about what the other person has taken, even if he has taken it with a friend, because the friend is playing powerfully in some cases. You have nothing to do with it, so make up your mind. Keep up the good work.
19) The group is not changed without a friend. I'm sorry.
20) Make savings plans otherwise money will run out of cafes and you won't know it. Mon Cheri and Inside are highly preferred.
21) Someone should inform the viticulturists that teaching at the university is not like teaching in high school. If the professor doesn't come, run away. Don't wait two hours, as they left us once at the beginning of the first year.
22) There are prototype pedagogues who still raise with the register.
23) There are professors who say, "Hey, answer, even if you're wrong," and finally see how stupid you are when you answer wrong.
24) Follow the FD Information Office on Facebook - although the news first passes from students to the site.
25) Do not discuss with others the answers of the exam after you finish it. Just NOT. It is useless to torture yourself, because you can no longer change the answers.
26) Be prepared for a lot of hatred from other branches with names like "poultry engineer", which remind us that we draw and recite poems all day. They deal with us and then wonder why the school lasted 10 years.
27) Good if you introduce a friend before the exam, but do not be so thick as to ask about the name of the lecturer publicly in the group of jurisdictions. Let the time come for you. Worst of all: you won't get an answer.
28) Agree that the schedule should be taken by one person for each group. We get the grade that we get compressed because it is personal, but at least for the schedule to save the sardine.
29) For the first year you don't know how the schedule works: Just follow your group's visas. Acronyms are subjectscertain (eg DR - Roman law). The letter "L" means "Lecture". What does not have the letter "L" is a seminar. The numbers below the boxes are the halls where the lecture / seminar takes place.
30) You will read strange terms like "bee chase" and you will hear norms with illogical logic.
31) Make sure you get a good friend enough to write your name on the sheet when you're away from class.


Fjale paraprake * Teza provimesh/permbledhje gjeni te fotokopja perballe fakultetit. * Librat i gjeni te Beqo. * Keni dhe opsionin e fotokopjeve (fotokopja perballe Mon Cheri-se), gati 4 here me lire se librat, por e drejta e autorit... *E keni zakon nga arsimi para-universitar, por mos harroni: jeni mbi 18 vjec. Jeni te rritur. Filloni ta shihni dhe ta trajtoni veten si te rritur, qe edhe pedagoget e stafi i fakultetit (*khe-khe*, sekretaret) t’ju trajtojne si te rritur. Ndryshe, ju shtypin me kembe. Pjesa e pergjithshme 1) Ndonese cdo pedagog thote qe leksioni eshte fakultativ, mos u genjeni. Ka pedagoge qe i qendrojne besnike fjales. Ka pedagoge qe marrin emrat prezente per te ngritur studente. Ka pedagoge qe marrin mungesa per te ulur studente. 2) Mos akumulo faqe. Bej si te besh, lexoji ato 50 faqe qe merr ne dite, po ate dite. Puno dhe tezat ne ato pyetje qe di pasi mbaron leximin. Kursen kohen dhe ne fund, gjate sezonit. 3) Kushtetuten gjynah te mos e keni. Eshte Bibla juaj, eshte e bukur, e vockel dhe kushton vetem 200 leke. 4) Kodet i keni online dhe mund t’i shkarkoni ne celular, per te kursyer para, pasi jane 1000 leke/copa. Rrine-rrine, u behen edhe ndryshime. 5) Kur pedagoget ju thone qe libri lejohet ne provim, mos e hani tekun komplet. Beni nje parapergatitje per cdo rast, se pastaj vjen pedagogu ne klase dhe thote “S’kam thene gje une”. Zakonisht librat i shkruajne vete pedagoget. Bejini vete llogarite. 6) Ne cdo provim, per cdo rast, edhe kur pedagogu nuk ju thote gje, ejani me librin/kodin perkates me vete (nese i keni blere, kuptohet). Mund te behet ndonje bamiresi e minutave te fundit dhe t’ju thone qe mund t’i mbani librat/kodet/shenimet hapur. 7) Shume studente bien dakord qe sic mesohet per te drejten romake ne vit te pare, nuk mesohet per provimet e tjera gjate eksperiences ne juridik. Kjo sepse eshte provimi i pare ne universitet dhe nuk dine c’te presin. 8) Quhen kolokiume, jo kolegiume. 9) Do vuani pakez kur te dalin notat - nuk do shpetoni dot nga rrasjet-plasjet pas deres, edhe nese pedagogu e ka ndare dhenien e notave me grupe dhe orar. 10) Mund ta anashkaloni pjesen e rrasjes-plasjes dhe te prisni sa te hidhet nota ne sistem, por mund t’ju dalin thinjat deri atehere. Plus, mund te humbisni mundesine per pike/note ekstra. 11) Nese i futeni juridikut per magjistrature dhe ndryshoni mendje rruges, mos u shqetesoni; nuk jeni as te paret e as te fundit. 12) Do kalitni nervat me sekretaret dhe kedo qe supozohet te jape informacion ne juridik. Durimi eshte virtyt. 13) S’do vuani per party dhe ekskursione - mendon Keshilli Studentor per keto, por vetem per keto. 14) Mos rrini te ngrefosur dhe puplosur ne juridik. Mos perdorni terma te medha e latinisht hokus-pokus per t’i rene ne sy pedagogeve. Kuptohet menjehere nese jeni kodoshe. 15) Pyesni vitet me te larta. Ju merrni informacion, ata marrin kenaqesine e ndarjes se eksperiences. 16) Ndonjehere do te degjoni keshilla te cuditshme. Nese ju thone t’i beni komplimente pedagoges, bejini komplimente pedagoges. 17) Aktivizohuni ne seminar. Pedagoget, ne fund te fundit, nuk jane gogola. Ata qe pergjigjen, i mbajne mend dhe mund te kene ndihme ekstra ne fund. Madje, eshte me mire te te mbajne mend edhe kur pergjigjesh gabim, se sa te pergjigjesh mire dhe te jesh thjesht fytyra e radhes. 18) Mos e vrit shume mendjen c’ka marre tjetri, edhe nese e ka marre me mik, sepse miku luhet fuqishem ne ca raste. S’ke c’i ben, ndaj futi nje mendje te lehte. Ti vazhdo punen tende. 19) Nuk nderrohet grupi pa mik. Me vjen keq. 20) Beni plane kursimi se ndryshe ikin leket kafeneve dhe s’e merrni vesh. Mon Cheri dhe Inside preferohen shume. 21) Dikush t’i lajmeroje vitparistet qe mesimi ne universitet s’behet si mesimi ne gjimnaz. Po s’erdhi pedagogu, ikni. Mos prisni dy ore, sic na lane njehere neve ne fillim te vitit te pare. 22) Ka pedagoge prototipa qe ngrejne ende me regjister. 23) Ka pedagoge qe thone “He, pergjigjuni, edhe sikur te jeni gabim”, e ne fund te shohin si te jesh budalla kur pergjigjesh gabim. 24) Beni follow Zyra E Informacionit FD ne Facebook - ndonese lajmi me pare kalon nga studentet se nga faqja. 25) Mos i diskutoni me te tjeret pergjigjjet e provimit pasi ta mbaroni. Thjesht MOS. Kot sa te torturoni veten, se pergjigjjet nuk i ndryshoni dot me. 26) Pergatituni per shume urrejtje nga dege te tjera me emra si “inxhinieri pularie”, qe kujtojne se ne vizatojme e recitojme vjersha tere diten. Merren me ne dhe pastaj habiten pse u zgjat shkolla 10 vjet. 27) Mire nese fusni mik para provimit, por mos u tregoni aq te trashe sa te pyesni per emrin e pedagogut publikisht ne grupin e juridiksave. Le qe, c’dem do ju vije. E keqja me e madhe: s’do merrni pergjigjje. 28) Bini dakord qe orarin ta marre nje person per cdo grup. Noten e marrim qe e marrim ngjeshur sepse eshte personale, por te pakten per orarin te kursejme sardelosjen. 29) Per vitin e pare qe nuk e di si funksionon orari: Thjesht ndiqni vizat e grupit tuaj. Akronimet jane lende te caktuara ( DR - E drejte romake). Shkronja “L” do te thote “Leksion”. Cfare nuk ka shkronjen “L” eshte seminar. Numrat poshte kutizave jane sallat ku zhvillohet leksioni/seminari. 30) Do te lexoni terma te cuditshem si “ndjekje bletesh” dhe do te degjoni norma me logjike jologjike. 31) Sigurohuni qe te zini nje mik aq te mire sa t’ju shenoje emrin ne flete kur mungoni ne leksion.